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Tasmania – Australia's Picturesque Island State
My home is Tasmania which is Australia's only island state. Positioned south of Victoria across Bass Strait it experiences more temperate daytime temperatures than mainland states. Winters can be very cold especially in the highland lakes districts where snow can fall many times during the year. Cold spells originate from weather coming from the west or south where winds from the Antarctic keep temperatures down. Summers can be occasionally hot but mostly daytime temperatures would rarely exceed 30 degrees. The west coast of Tasmania has the world's freshest air and cleanest rain-water thanks to the Roaring Forties traveling many thousands of kilometres across the Indian Ocean.
Because of its isolation from mainland Australia Tasmania is protected from many of the pests and diseases affecting fruit orchards and farm crops. Tasmania's climate suits apple orchards, hops farming used in the making of beer, and honey production from leatherwood and other exotic flowering plants.
The major population centres are Tasmania's capital city, Hobart, in the south, followed by Launceston, Burnie and Devonport in the north of the state. Smaller towns are also scattered throughout Tasmania most of which have historical significance dating back to colonial convict days. Tasmania is a favourite holiday destination for many mainlanders seeking a purer lifestyle and clean, rugged environment. Many tourists also come to Hobart on the frequent cruise ships entering the Derwent River and birthing at a Hobart pier.
Peter Foster
I live with my wife in an award winning solar-passive home that reduces heating and electrical usage with its double-glazing and large north-facing windows. I love photography and you will find some of my favourite Tasmanian photos displayed on the home page each time you visit my website. It is a privilege to live in such a beautiful and peaceful place. God has blessed this nation greatly, but times are changing and not for the better.
We are both Christians who are alarmed by the fast demise of the evangelical Christian church, and the spread and growth of evil in our western civilization and culture. I believe we are at a turning point in history and can see many signs pointing to the beginning of the great end-time events predicted by Jesus and the Old Testament prophets. This website shares my thoughts and inspirations on the Bible. And because I am an Aspie I often look at life, Scripture and being a Christian differently from other people. You may find that my aim is to be precise in the interpretation of Scripture, as I see it, avoiding obvious ambiguities in explanations. I certainly don't claim to have a key to all of God's knowledge or to understand everything God has made known in His Bible, but I take delight in meditating on His word and waiting for His illumination on the Scriptures that I read. Because there are many things to learn about Him, I am sure these studies will prove to be inspirational for me too. Hopefully my musings are challenging and thought-provoking. So happy reading.
Ross – One of our favourite Tassie towns
Ross is a small tourist town along the Midlands Highway between Hobart and Launceston. As a stop-over for travellers it offers a number of bakery-cafes as well as the usual nick-nack shops selling memorabilia. A favourite spot for us is Ross Uniting Church pictured above. The morning sun shines through its stained glass windows filling the church with magnificent coloured light.

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