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A Woman Rides the Beast
Dave Hunt is another faithful Bible teacher who warned the Christian church about the apostasy and new age teaching filtering into the present Christian church. He deals with the false teaching of the Catholic Church and how this is prophesised in the book of Revelation of the Bible. Dave Hunt warned about this evil teaching entering the church decades ago, but very few Christians took any notice. Although this video was made some time ago it is just as relevant to Christians today as it was then, but even more so in this present age with many churches heading back into fellowship with Rome. This is a video every Catholic should watch and consider, as well as every Christian who is unaware of the error propagated by the Vatican.
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YouTube videos listed and played on this page are directly loaded from the YouTube website. Due to YouTube's increasing antagonism towards Christian video content some videos will disappear from their site. When this occurs the video no longer displays in the listing and cannot be viewed. Please note that I find these YouTube videos interesting and often helpful, but I do not necessarily endorse their content.
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